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Humans have long had a fascination with collecting and preserving flowers, a practice believed to date back to ancient civilizations.

Sonnet 54 is instant language, which helps you present yourself to your special someone.
Bodi and her team of professional florists design dreams in luxurious suede boxes. We present different collections for you. Sonnet 54 searched the globe for the finest roses. Our flowers are grown in Ecuador and Columbia. Arrangements contain the most genetically flawless roses, with large heads and incredibly vivacious colors. We do our best to create, design, and deliver the very best collections for you to enjoy. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Weddings and for every day to make it beautiful.

Bodi Shannon
The company was founded by Bodi Shannon, who studied English literature and culture in the UK and whose love for the poetry of William Shakespeare reflected the company name. Bodi believes in endless love and thoughtfulness. Her mission is to create immortal truth and devotion, timeless elegance, and beauty in its purest form.

The history of Preserved Roses
Humans have long had a fascination with collecting and preserving flowers, a practice believed to date back to ancient civilizations.

Flowers of the time were often found framed behind glass in elaborate arrangements, sometimes with pieces of ribbon to complement the blooms

In the 70s, the spouses Paul and Jeanette Lambert first tried to extend the life of a flower by replacing the composition of its cells. ⠀

This technology is based on a hypoallergenic composition. The experiment was successful and the world welcomed these unfading buds.

A luxurious box of preserved roses is both an exquisite decoration for any interior, and a wonderful gift that can bring many positive emotions. What is the secret to the longevity of fresh flowers?
Our roses are carefully selected. We pick the most beautiful and freshest ones, which are at the “peak” of their flowering. The first step in the stabilization process is getting rid of excess moisture. Then the roses are placed in a special chemical solution, the main component of which is glycerin. This technology allows you to preserve the natural beauty of flowers for 3 years!
What factors affect the cost?
Stabilized flowers are significantly more expensive than fresh flowers. But this is only at first glance. If you calculate how much it will cost to buy freshly cut roses within 3 years, it turns out that long-lasting flowers are a much more profitable option.
For example, the price of a live rose is $15-20, it can stand no more than a few weeks. Buying a similar stabilized plant will cost hundreds of dollars, but it will delight the eye for several years. This example clearly shows how obvious the benefits are.

What to gift on St. Valentine's Day
Roses in a glass vase are the best gift for a wedding, birthday, and other holidays. In our catalog, you can buy an eternal rose, placed in a durable glass case, which will delight you with its appearance for an unlimited amount of time. An alternative to bouquets is flowers, whose stunning appearance has been preserved almost forever. Our products are created using plant stabilization technology, which stops the destructive processes in the structure of the flower, keeping it young and aesthetic. Sonnet 54 Los Angeles Preserved Roses for Valentine's Day.
Sonnet 54 Preserved Roses
Preserved Roses Sonnet 54, the best flower shop in Los Angeles for you!

Our florists are very skilled and experienced, and our flower shop is able to make preserved roses in Los Angeles for almost any occasion you can think of; Valentine’s Day preserved roses, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and other occasions. Our florists are ready and able to provide a fantastic service for any occasion. We strive to provide beautiful flowers that you enjoy, and we are proud of.
A Christmas gift of flowers from overseas is set to make any holiday season bright and merry! Alongside our beautiful fresh hand-picked flowers, you can also add other Christmas gifts to compliment your order.
The special day for any couple, Valentine’s Day February 14th, and we have got you covered. Our florists create unique and romantic gifts perfect for any Valentine’s Day. Our goal for this special day is to bring a smile to your loved ones' faces, and our fantastic floral arrangements can be accompanied by beautiful roses or other special gifts.
Mother’s Day is a special occasion for any family, especially Mums. Our company has the ideas to make it a special occasion for any Mum, providing beautiful and unique ideas which are sure to make Mum smile and fill her with joy. It is possible to add other gifts to your order to make her day extra special.

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